Knocks around USA.

Knocks around Ventura and Santa Barbara in the USA.
Attends the Academy Art University in San Francisco.
Has a cup of coffee at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, helping them win new business.
Decides there’s a better way of doing this kind of work.
Starts his own creative boutique shop 16 Rays.
Discovers the fine inner-workings of the ad world.
Starts teaching Creative Advertising at Academy of Art University.
Moves to Las Vegas to try his hand in a new market and maybe some Keno.
Hits it big, goes broke, breaks even.
Brushes off shoulders, moves to New York walks down on Madison Avenue, dreams come true.
Moves back to his roots in Sweden and it’s time to lay some golden eggs.

Femman 2013

Draken Greppy räddar julen. Bok. Ford Motor Co

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Ford Motor Co

Ford Motor Co

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